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Public Auction

Auction will be held 1 mile south of the of the intersection of 615th St. and Hwy. 110 on the South side of Storm Lake, IA (All Saints Episcopal Church and Storm Lake Marina corner). Or, from the Storm Lake Airport on Hwy. 110 go 1 mile north on Hwy. 110 to 620th. Auction will be in big building on the southeast side of the museum site on 110. Please park as directed on the corn ground south of the museum. Terms on this sale are cash unless you are approved for absentee bidding prior to Thurs., Nov. 17, 2016 at 5:00 p.m. MACI is clerking. There are no warranties or guarantees of any kind. All items must be removed the day of the auction only so please come prepared to move your items that day. There will be a port-a-potty and the Branding Iron Lunch on site. Neither the seller nor the auctioneers will take responsibility for the item once it has been sold.

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many new in the boxes -
4 new picture frames
Small home office files, new
Thermal vacuum carafe, new
Box of pyrex dishes
8 boxes of new ironstone dishes
10 - new 10 qt. metal pails
2 - aluminum dairy pails
Box of new cake pans and photo lamps
Rolled up welcome mat, new
4 new Christmas bells, in boxes
new home safe
3 red plastic wash tub size containers
Box full of decorative 25 watt bulbs
Large metal serving tray
Table tennis set and picture puzzles
bingo set
Jumbo Deal thermometer, new
Box of child guidance toys
Several stacks of plastic buckets
Wear Ever sauce pan in box
Rifle cleaning kit
Wall shelves
Old clocks
New thermos bottle
Space weights
Elec. scooter
Boot cleaner
Regal Super Dome cooker
a couple older wheel chairs
new X-mas lights/decorations in the box
Bread pans
Glass pie tins
plastic wall magazine holders

12 boxes of new work gloves
men’s shoes and work boots - all new in the boxes - variety of sizes
Pair of big bearskin gloves
2 new hunting jackets
2 plastic tubs full of straw hats
2 - boxes of brand new lightweight coveralls
2 - cold weather farm coats - new
Old flannel shirts
cowboy boots - new in the box


large sheets/panels of plexi-glass in a varety of colors - old - probably the ‘70’s
6 - new Andersen screens
2 - new ceiling fans in boxes
New barn image mailbox
3 - boxes of new ceiling fixtures
6 new Menard’s plastic tube w/fold over lids
Box full of ceiling fluorescent light fixates
3 boxes of new brass hooks
Box of new storm door chains
Box of cabinet/cupboard pulls
New storage hangers for storm windows/screens
Tile in box
Old ceramic tile in box
Old hinges
cupboard pulls
Old house numbers
Shelby casement window adj.
Glass tile in box
Light switches
Schlage lock/handles in boxes
Panel foam


Midland short wave radio, complete, new, in box
3 - Farber coffeemaker replacement glass pots
New coffee maker
New vertical tv antenna
Box of new electric fans
Alum. broaster/roaster pan
Pressure cooker in box, new
Portable heater fan
Box fans
2 - Ice cream freezers, in the boxes

Car floor mats
Bike seat, camping squirt bottles, etc.
Cake/food carrier
Bumper for an old truck
Metal, plastic, long handled gas containers
Booster cable in bag
Car cover
Plus 50 III SAE 15w-40 oil
Several Tool Master truck & van boxes,
tail lights, parking lamps, GE lamps
Floor jacks - several varieties
Havoline Motor oil, in boxes
10/40/200 amp faster charger/starter charger

Blue outdoor hanging wood porch swing on a stand
chain saw in a box
2 boxes of 12 each bird houses and feeders
2 new snow shovels
Large new can pump weed sprayer
Gas weed whipper
4 new plastic fence sections, 6’x6’
rubber tubes
3 new plastic flower pots
new mailbox signs
Alum. mail home laundry box
3 way and 1 way floor lamp w/brass base
Baby food grinder new in box
Weasel garden tool, new
6-8 sad irons with & w/o handles
Round metal 1 gal. fluid carrier
D.H. Price of Holstein metal sifter cup
Plastic santas and Christmas decorations
Box w/2 coffee maker pots & advertisement; rain gauges
Complete cat carrier
3 matching fuel containers
2 pieces/rolls of tight screen
5 sets of double folding chairs
Roll-a-round modern chair
Antique doll-back rocker, back needs some repair
5 misc. solid wood straight chairs
All wood rocker w/arms, good
2 fold-up canvas/alum. lawn chairs
Hose - new in plastic
Leaf blower
JD tractor seat, new
Nice old galvanized bucket
Plastic garbage cans

Tall narrow bead board cupboard filled with old record cylinders - also an additional box of the cylinders - in excellent shape - very cool
Toy ‘n Joy dispenser & 6 small dispenser, 1 large, very cool, complete
Lots of nice old wood chairs
2 Castle large flood lights, work & in great shape
Neat old tall fan on stand, cool
Large antique rectangular trunk
Alum. racks to hold canes or maps - appears to be out of a store
Leatherette ottoman
4 shelf small wood shelf
Antique night stand, very old and complete
Artists/architect’s stand
Old black metal cart, nice/very neat
2 old style kitchen tables
Many misc. chairs
3 church pews
old baker’s cupboard
large slabs of slat
Eveready Batteries
older radio cabinet
Singer sewing machine in wood cabinet
gentleman’s cabinet/dresser
fold down wood secretary
large glass display
1950’s stereo in wood cabinet
fold up teal colored chair


Old pull down maps - like out of a school - very nice - graphics are excellent!
Big old C clamp
Chamber pot
white graniteware
Old nail art of a sail boat
Neat old blue wood carpenters’ box
Campbell’s soups tin and box of other tins
Tractor umbrella, new in wrap
Paragon Leisure Lite hat box, full of hats
Old steamer trunk
Floyd Clymers Historical Motor Scrap
Festiva tins
Polar cab fan
SS coffee pot cool, in box
Cyclone seed sower
Old sheet music
Old table top radios, Westinghouse
Whole box of 12 round bottles in box
Watkins sifter
Sterno cook stove, in box
Sylvania gas lanterns
Lots of old metal hardware
White porcelain graniteware
Old light
“The Helpus” paper magazine, 1960
Cast iron skillet
Lots of old tools
Gas Engine magazines, early 1980’s
Gas lanterns
Great set of sleigh bells
New Alta Co-op cream cans
2 - ammo boxes
metal crates
metal egg crates
celluloid photo albums
Galvanized small wash tub
Copper boiler w/lid
Old shadow box
Various Watt Ware, Storm Lake advertising on them
Projection lamps
Egg crates
copper/brass containers - a spittoon, a tall umbrella stand and 1 more
Brass banana hook
Glass gallon jar, whiskey
Lots of old boxes games
Joe Ott flying model
Older motorcycle helmet
Saws; old boxes
Old plastic toys
Kollbaum Frisbee
Tons of weather vanes
Battle Planes of America model
horse whips
Amoco stand
Tins from Bomgaars
Box of Western gun racks
Opal Bran Japan Tea metal box
Grinder, metal
1950’s drop down ceiling lights - complete
Old vintage vehicles toys –
1947 Int. K-12 Semi Cab
1950 Chevy Semi Cab
3 red light bulb globes
Sausage grinder
Larson implement thermometer
Box full of view slides, very old
Refrigerator containers; old suitcases
Projection table from Harwood, in box
Nail keg w/old square nails, very cool
2 Stearman Biplane banks, new, in box
metal box
Schaller oil thermometer
cookie cutters
Street kids Frosted Flakes containers
Horse toys
Portable camp set, old, cool
Automatic Fireless cooker
lots of advertising items
Sale by order of Mildred V. Hadenfeldt - items from the collection of
Lois R. & Ralph E. Cole
Dan Connell - Attorney for Ms. Hadenfeldt


Variety of old toys in boxes
Hand soaps in boxes
Superior Cast Steel Table Cutlery in box
FS Farm Service Company scoop
Old/new seat cushions
Butter Nut coffee tin
LD/Lotte chemical wood box
Metal trunk
Lots of old manuals
Old music boxes
Old light fixtures
Old frames prints
Old Snowman wall hanging
cast iron skillet
Blatz beer signs
dresser items
advertising prints
Planter Peanut plastic bank
old toys
old rabbit and lamb molds
nice old wall wood phone
Shell gas pump insert
Mobile oil can
Stack of metal reliefs/chargers/plaster
Old horse equipment
Pith hat
Gas cans
Cast hooks & other hardware
Lots of scoop shovels
Really old 7” records
Sets of old bells
Box of Champion and Peanut hats, new, nice
Bell Howell Ringmaster speaker, nice
Eye thing in wood box w/leather strap; P5153, serial #112837, photos, nice
Hiland Potato Chip tin, nice
Box of door hardware - old

10” Montgomery Ward radial arm saw, great shape
Sears Craftsman 10” saw
several metal shelves in a variety of sizes
Big box of new tools and paint brushes
Fold up ladder in case
several tools in boxes
4’ alum. level, new
box of trouble lights
Shop Vac
Waxmaster 900 w/accessories
Coated chain on a roll
Rope on a roll
Large box of new corn knives and screw drivers
Box of new tools inc. big 2 handled cutter, new hammers, hog med. Syringe, folding saw, etc.
Stinger bug killer
chain saw blades
Come along in plastic
Box of new large screw drivers
New pressure lantern
New small sprayer for liquids
cement trowels
Roll of Alamo baler twine, new
gas torch set
Box of tools inc. fence pinchers, hammer, etc.
2 alum. ladders
Heavy duty cable/extension
Well Trol pump housing
Saw blades
Lots of tarps, all sizes
Sports light in box
Hublard temp. gauge in box
plastic wrap on old metal roll
Fold out ladder

Auctioneers Note - This is an outstanding line of collectibles and new in the box items - this list is far from complete. Due to space constraints inside the shed we will sell at least two racks of new yard and garden/farm type items first outside so please come dressed for weather - then we will move inside to sell the collectibles and more tools. Many interesting items - look for more photo son Facebook!

Sale by order of Mildred V. Hadenfeldt - items from the collection of
Lois R. & Ralph E. Cole
Dan Connell - Attorney for Ms. Hadenfeldt

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