Patrick McGuire

Patrick McGuire was born Nov. 25, 1866 to John and Mary Smith McGuire in County Longford, Ireland. His mother, rest her soul, passed away when he was eight months old; his father died when he was eight years old. At the age of 16, accompanied by his uncle, Father Patrick Smith, he came to the United States. Pat immediately enrolled at Notre Dame and remained there until he graduated at the age of 21. After graduation he moved to Storm Lake, IA. and began working at the Toy National Bank, while his uncle was pastor of St. Mary's Church also in Storm Lake. Two years later (1888) he moved to Holstein accepting a job with the Exchange Bank of Holstein, then a branch of Toy National Bank. Patrick began hanging around auctions clerking sales, and won the hearts of many with his bilingual talents. (He studied German at Notre Dame and could speak both German and English fluently.) Being a German community, Holstein proved to be beneficial to the young McGuire, and he began to forge a name for himself. McGuire and his classmate Matthew White, went into business together. They opened a law office in Holstein Feb. 6, 1890. Their firm handled general law, land, loan, collection and insurance. Three weeks after announcing the opening of their law office, Pat tried his hand at auctioneering and was an instant success. He came to be the most sought after auctioneer for miles around. McGuire Auction Co was born.